History: Hands wear

The gloves have antique origins, in fact their use was already known to the people of ancient Egypt, as evidenced by the discovery of this particular accessory in the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The ancient Greeks, the Romans and the Lombards were used to wear gloves as a statement of prestige. In the Middle Age their use was widespread among the higher social classes, each type corresponding to the different ranks, during this period the glove takes on such a symbolic value that it is used in occasions like the investiture of the feudal lords or during the consecration of bishops and also to challenge someone. It is especially in France that the use of gloves becomes a nifty piece of fashion accessory, for both men and women.

If France was recognized as the best glove's tailor in 1600, the next century, when this art is widespread in Italy too, it is right in Naples that the manufacture of gloves achieves its highest level of form and beauty. The history of Naples is so closely linked to the gloves manufacturing that there are entire streets and neighborhoods dedicated to glove makers. The great Neapolitan tradition started in 1737, when Ferdinand of Bourbon asked the greatest Viennese Master glover, Luigi Balastron, to go to Naples. Since then, the Neapolitan artisans have become masters in the art of producing gloves to the level of being the most respected in the world.

Since then, the Neapolitan gloves manufacture earns a dominant role especially in the production of leather gloves, which continues to maintain in the following centuries. In the '60s the "old" Naples becomes a true focus, as many Neapolitans will remember, in districts like Sanità and Capodimonte. In those years district Rione Sanità had hundreds of families and thousands of men and women working the leather for the gloves production. The neighborhood was a small industrial district: starting from the Borgo Vergini up to the streets and alleys of the Cristallini, Via Sanità, Santa Maria Antesaecula, Salita Cinesi and Capodimonte, together with Via Fontanelle and all the way up to Materdei.

There were entire families committed to this full, detailed and difficult manual labor. A whole slice of the economy of the region Campania was produced by a high standard manufacture and, above all, an excellent quality of the products (90% of world exports of gloves were produced in Naples). Even today, by the number of companies and the quality of the product, Naples continues to be an important and significant core in the gloves manufacture at international levels and this is certainly due to the mastery of our glove makers who continue to preserve this ancient art with their skills and their undeniable talent. They are definitely proud to be able to pass it on to young Neapolitans who wish to learn such techniques.

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