The Philosophy

  The creation of a glove is defined by multiple passages:
the choice of the leather, the colour, the layout of the model, the application of the valued accessories, until the final packaging.
This is done thanks to the mastery of the craftsmen, who carry out their job with expertise and passion.  

I Phase

The leather's selection is the most delicate phase. The unrefined skins are chosen, selected scrupulously and they are always checked through the transformation process up to the particular process of dyeing. The leather will have to get to the next stage in its softness and shines.

II Phase

The carve of the leather is handmade over the original wooden benches by the use of a precision ruler and tailoring scissors. The cutter is therefore a key figure in the production cycle.

III Phase

This phase is called "Smasso" which helps giving the glove the right fit. The glove is pulled, showing the manual operation and the ritual gestures of those who perform this job.

IV Phase

In the carving step, the glove is "split" by manual presses on the original mold, those corresponding to a specific size and model. The glove starts literally to shape up (be alive).

V Phase

It is the stage where the model and style are chosen and the team use its full inventive and creativity to pick the right accessory or a particular embroidery to apply on the glove. The base is a draft made by the designer, which offers a choice of colors and details up to trends.

VI Phase

The glove shows its real aspect while stitching. An extreme care and precision are essential during this stage in order to achieve a high quality product.

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